The Endless Beaches of Comporta, Portugal

“Having loved the natural and friendly atmosphere of Portugal ever since I was a little girl, it wasn’t until a few years ago I discovered one of my favorite spots in the world. The Herdade de Comporta.”

Over the past years some friends mentioned that Comporta was the ‘new’ Ibiza, St. Tropez or Trancoso. But knowing these other destinations by heart, for me this comparison feels somewhat off. The first thing that came to my mind was the bleached-wood, friendly yet sophisticated vibe of Jose-Ignacio in Uruguay.

On one of my road trips, driving down from the great city of Lisbon, I decided to have lunch in Comporta. However when people talk about Comporta, they mean the region around it. The Herdade de Comporta. This stop turned out to be a surprise.

This unique coastal area is a highly protected nature reserve that consists of many canals and rice fields that stretch all the way down to the Atlantic coast. The combination of the cool ocean breeze and irrigation canals of the rice paddies creates an extremely pleasant flow, even in Portugal’s hot and dry summers.

Cork Oaks, Wildflowers, Pine Trees combined with low built thatched cabanas shaped the look of the landscape. And the fertile ground offers flowers, vegetables and fruits unlike anywhere else.

From April onwards people travel from the rest of Europe to stay in traditional but stylish, colorful huts. The architecture and decoration we found in Comporta represents the true ‘Pure Villas’ feeling. The use of natural materials like polished concrete floors, wood beams and soft linen fabrics have become the known touch of many of our authentic Pure properties.

With a total lack of gates and high walls, sandy tracks lead the way.
And though this pristine setting doesn’t look very buzzing at first glance, many famous artists and designers have settled down here here to spend their long summers.
When you spend your days on these white pristine beaches you will notice a myriad of beautiful small boutiques and wonderful little restaurants.
It’s this exact combination of privacy, long days at the beach, amazing pure food and decor that makes this destination one of my personal hidden paradises.

So, when I started Pure Villas with allocating the world’s most beautiful boutique villas on natural locations, Comporta was one of the first ‘Pure’ destinations on my mind.

So, let me welcome you to two of the most beautiful Holiday Villas for your next Summer Vacation. Villas I personally selected. Pure Villa Bicas, Pure Villa Encontrar and Pure Villa Dunas, or let us advise you on the many other Pure Villas we offer.

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