Introducing Four New Handpicked Pure Villas

Your next dream vacation is waiting in Villa Olivia (Portugal), Villa Cate (Ibiza), Villa Scuola (Italy) and Villa Oliveiras (Portugal)

We have been very busy lately scouting for the most special villas around Europe with the commitment to finding those unique vacation rentals that we would only recommend to our closest friends. In our recent journeys we have discovered a few unique wonders: a modern and rustic masterpiece perched on a hilltop in Ibiza, a spacious and secluded villa poised on a lush valley in Tuscany, a contemporary boutique house nestled amidst the sand dunes and a pine tree forest in Comporta, and -also in this Portuguese region- an enchanting cubist villa with colossal architecture that will delight your senses.

Each of the villas in our carefully-curated collection has been personally visited by a member of our team to guarantee its authenticity to the quintessential Pure Villas’ signature style.

Pure Villa Cate, Santa Gertrudis (Ibiza)

2359965-casa-caterina-ibiza-spainPure Villa Cate is a modern clifftop finca in the vicinities of Santa Gertrudis with capacity to host up to eight people. A beautiful contemporary house designed to the highest standards, paying tribute to the traditional Ibicenco style, and with truly breath-taking views across the island and the sea. Modernity reigns and luminosity is not an illusion. This great Mediterranean villa is a luxurious and bohemian compound of white cubes, each containing welcoming wood-trimmed rooms. Soak in that gorgeous Ibiza sunset while you sip on a cocktail at the lounge by the infinity pool.

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Pure Villa Oliveiras, Comporta (Portugal)

comporta-villa-as-oliveiras-50011057256ea76d9f27960-68771715We adore this enchanting cubist home purely dressed in white. If you are seeking a time to glow in Comporta, Oliveiras is an exercise in style that will capture your imagination and nurture your soul. This new built villa is truly a modern masterpiece, breathing light throughout its colossal architecture. Head to Villa Oliverias for a magical experience that will fill your senses with true relaxation; you will find yourself surrounded by pines, cork oak trees and nature aplenty – only 10 minutes from the beach -.

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Pure Villa Scuola, San Casciano dei Bagni (Tuscany)

scuola-10Surrounded by lovely hilltop villages and an enchanting green landscape that sprawls until the eye can see, Pure Villa Scuola boasts a truly privileged location within Tuscany. The house interiors feel harmonious and intimate, and amenities like a swimming pool area, garden with stunning views, terrace and fireplace are traditional Tuscan-worthy perks. This spacious six-bedroom property is located on a lush valley where absolute privacy and seclusion are guaranteed, and, still, with the beautiful medieval town of San Casciano dei Bagni only within a 5-minute walk. Highly recommended to Welness/Spa and wine lovers.

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Pure Villa Olivia, Comporta (Portugal)

pure-villa-olivia-1Pure Villa Olivia is committed to embrace you with an authentic sensorial experience that will begin and end with the fresh scents of lavender, jasmine and pine trees. This is truly a fascinating house in a privileged natural location in Comporta that offers the privacy, tranquility and simplicity in lifestyle that you deserve to thrive in true inspiration. Take a walk on your private 17-hectare pine forest, go for a swim in the Atlantic and reclaim your clarity of mind on the pristine sand dunes that stretch forever along the coast: you will ease your way into the pure life in record time.

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