While summer remains as the most popular time to visit the South of France, many travellers are embracing the interesting rates available during off-peak season – the beauty of Provence is perennial after all and its lifestyle and nearby activities will make you blossom all year round

We have taken the pictures: Lush lavender fields that sprawl as a blanket in the hilly landscape with the freshest perfume; a glass of wine with traces of burgundy lipstick; a book on the hammock by the sparkling pool; the fireplace starting to work with diffidence while the children play in the grass; sunset views from the vineyards and olive groves; a medieval hilltop village as a backdrop bathed by the gentle Mediterranean light that inspired the impressionist painters.

We have studied the numbers: the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is one of the favorite worldwide tourist destinations. Only in 2014 it drew in 31 million visitors, being the second most popular destination in France after Paris, according to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But here is the catch: most of the travellers visiting Provence come here during the summer months –our Pure Villas are usually fully booked for July and August before Christmas time –. While the long sunny days give you plenty of reasons to wander through cobblestone street markets, spend afternoons lounging by the pool, and delight in high cuisine on your private terrace, the South of France have much to offer when the crowds are gone. Just one more number you should bear in mind: Provence has more than 300 sunny days per year (it has more sunshine than any other region of mainland France).

Let us guide you with our seasonal advice

Autumn: the weather is very mild, there are fewer tourists and rates begin to drop significantly. September and October show the true colors of autumn to full resolution. Highlights: grape harvest in the vineyards of the Luberon, fireplace with a book. Perfect for food, nature and photography lovers.

France - vegetable market

Winter: the gentle sunny weather and the temperatures around +10C make winter a good time to visit ancient hilltop villages and get an authentic feeling of the traditional Provençal lifestyle and its cultural heritage. Highlights: museums and natural sites have now better rates and fewer multitudes. Perfect for culture enthusiasts and travellers looking for a sky-trip to the Southern Alps.


Spring: blossoming season in Provence comes rather early, making this beautiful time of the year our favorite when seeking love for the outdoors. Highlights: the cherry and almond trees are in full bloom, flowers are celebrating its colors and scents, while open terraces and markets are the locals’ pick. Perfect for activities and sport in natural setting.

The hill top of village of Ansouis in the Luberon Provence

Summer: sunflowers are in bloom in July, whereas the endless lavender fields start peaking from late June to August. If you are considering spending your vacation in the South of France, here is our advice: planning way in advance will guarantee you can have the perfect vacation house that fits your needs and demands.


We would like to introduce you to three pure villas that have sparked even further our love for Provence; a unique flair we have promoted as “a genuine triumph of style in an unparalleled rural setting.” These three beautiful vacation houses from our carefully-selected portfolio amplify the significance of Provence, its rich heritage and cultural imprimatur, in a way of saying: ‘We are really here.’

Meet Pure Villa Celine – Gordes (Luberon Region)
Meet Pure Villa Cavaliers – Eygalières (near St Remy de Provence)
Meet Pure Villa Bonnieux – Bonnieux (Luberon Region)

Stay true – authentic – beautiful: see all our pure villas in Provence

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