A Personal Note

Over the past years my husband and I have had the privilege of traveling the world. Exploring the most beautiful places while meeting so many different people. And even though we were staying in amazing hotels and houses, finding that truly breathtaking place sometimes seemed a challenge.

Is the house really as beautiful and private as the images and description imply? For that special Family Holiday, a romantic getaway or endless summer with friends; you want to be sure that everything is as promised.

Villas that will make you feel at home from the first moment. Set apart not by a glamorous décor or the highest price, but by it’s comfort, stylish natural design and pristine location. All combined with a trusted, warm and personal service.

I believed I could make a difference there, and that’s how Pure Villa Travel came about!

With a small team of professionals we now offer the worlds’ most special villas. Properties that are all handpicked with great care and attention. Only the best in each of the territories we want to offer to you.

And as a part of our way of caring, we donate a small percentage of our profit to different children’s projects, we came across during our travels. The projects will be closely connected to the destinations we offer. More information on these projects we will publish on this website and our Facebook page.

So, follow us, on our trip discovering new hidden gems. Beyond the known villa-routes. And contact us, for any questions or friendly personal advise.

Whatever we can do to make your next vacation an unforgettable experience, we will do.

That’s my personal promise to you.

Welcome to Pure Villa Travel!

Annemieke van der Mast

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